Citrix Xendesktop 7.1 Automate/Script Join Existing site

The following command can be used to automate a controller build to an existing Xendesktop site.
This can be handy when used in conjunction with the previous silent installation script.

There are scripts on the Citrix blogs that also automate the inital site configuration, however we are currently advising that the initial site configuration is performed in the GUI. This method only requires a few manual steps , and allows the flexibilty that the process is portable between environments without having to alter and troubleshoot a script.

The following command adds a controller to an existing Xendesktop site. This command will update the SQL Database with an entry for this DDC. There is an optional -donotupdatedatabaseserver switch that can be added if required. This selection depends if the admin running the command below has the permissions to update the SQL database or if an administrator will perform this in advance.

Ad-XDController Sitecontrolleraddress

Update a Citrix MCS Dedicated Catalog Master Image

Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) is designed to allow the easy provisioning and if required life cycle management of virtual machines and servers.

Pooled desktops allow us to easily update our master image and ensure that all machines receive that update.
Persistent machines are made from a master image but then must be managed going forward with other ERD (electronic Distribution tools) like SCCM & Altiris

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