AppZero v6 Product Update

RealServe IT are a UK/Europe based AppZero partner. 

Yesterday they released v6 of their product. 

In case your not aware of the product it performs cross platform application migrations. 
This aids businesses to move off “Windows XP” and “Sever 2003″ onto newer platforms. 

The AppZero solution moves applications that typically will not work on newer platforms. 
Its advanced migration technique moves the application in place without the need for source software or installation instructions. This reduces the complexity and time taken to perform migrations. 

The V6 of the product deliver the following updates

Near-Zero Downtime

AppZero V6 introduces the Tether Sync feature. This feature enables a new migration workflow where you can pre-populate a VAA with the static elements of your applications while the source application is still running, and later apply a maintenance window only to move files and database elements that were locked or being modified during the initial migration. This two-phase approach radically reduces migration downtime windows, often by 90% or more.


We have also added features to optimize the network transmission to speed up migration times:  The new Tether Agent is an optional agent deployed to the source machine which batches and compresses data streams, increasing the speed of data transfer by up to 50% in network-constrained environments.  Tether Cache further increases performance by maintaining an in-memory cache of file and registry data to minimize network operations.


Increased Insight

The AppZero Compatibility Database provides a dashboard view of application discovery, using green, yellow, red to indicate the level of compatibility of your installed applications with AppZero migration tools and with the target OS version, as well indicating which applications require custom migration steps.


The new, automated Migration Readiness Checklist – available through the PACE library and the graphical migration and administration tools –  ensure that technical prerequisites are verified and logged in a pre-migration checklist  report. The integration of migration readiness verification helps ensure the success of each migration.


Enhanced Support for Enterprise Environments

AppZero V6 offers enhanced support for IIS by integrating the IIS components with the PACE library and the graphical migration and administration tools.


With V6, AppZero auto-detects and migrates your application’s DCOM/COM information on the source machine and automatically preserves and restores DCOM/COM libraries on the destination machine so that it is configured to meet the precise needs of the migrated applications.

Migrate applications from Citrix Xenapp 4.5 to XenApp 6.5 or 7.x

Windows Server 2003 extended support ends on 14th July 2015.

Alot of companies still have Citrix Xenapp 4.5 running legacy applications that will only run on server 2003 and nothing newer.

RealServe IT are offering a fixed price cross platform migration service. This migrates Server 2000/2003 applications to Server 2008 or 2012. This enables customers to demise their legacy farms which reduces the number of servers, and allows the removal of server 2003 from the business.

Our service also allows application back-end systems to be migrated to newer platform as well. For Example SQL and IIS 6 websites can be migrated to Server 2008 or 2012

RealServe IT fixed price application migrations are based on a tiered pricing system related to the complexity of the application.
Slide5Please contact RealServe IT for more information

Citrix Xendesktop 7.1 Automate/Script Join Existing site

The following command can be used to automate a controller build to an existing Xendesktop site.
This can be handy when used in conjunction with the previous silent installation script.

There are scripts on the Citrix blogs that also automate the inital site configuration, however we are currently advising that the initial site configuration is performed in the GUI. This method only requires a few manual steps , and allows the flexibilty that the process is portable between environments without having to alter and troubleshoot a script.

The following command adds a controller to an existing Xendesktop site. This command will update the SQL Database with an entry for this DDC. There is an optional -donotupdatedatabaseserver switch that can be added if required. This selection depends if the admin running the command below has the permissions to update the SQL database or if an administrator will perform this in advance.

Ad-XDController Sitecontrolleraddress